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Friday I had an interview for a Dean’s Ambassador position. yesterday I got an offer. today the announcement is supposed to go out and I’m just so anxious about it cause I was supposed to email back to reserve my spot but email fails sometimes so I’m not 100% sure if my spot has been saved. so the last class I had I was all antsy and I still haven’t seen anything posted yet. the class I’m in right now is so damn cliquey too which is annoying -.-“

my ass hurts. sailing is hard.


For the first shift I catered with Liberty Lane it poured when we were first unloading the truck and sprinkled throughout the reception…but look what became of the weather :)

so I got nominated and have an interview on Friday to be one of the Dean’s Ambassadors. of course I’m honored but I’m slightly baffled as to how this happened o.0 I got picked as “an elite rising junior” a month ago apparently due to my LinkedIn being awesome, but I how has this nomination happened? I’m super nervous about the interview cause obviously I would love to get it and to sent to represent the school but if I don’t know why I got picked then how can I elaborate on it o.0

Went to Build-a-Bear for the first time 😁


The newest addition to my book collection 📚 #howtobeinteresting

@auderien and I rocking our @serengetee in Boston on Saturday #weartheworld

To you,

Even though I hated you for it and it was scary, thank you for pushing me to go out of my comfort zone. Now I just need to try to get you out of your zone to try crazy foods and adventures with me :*

After run gross selfie 😝🏃

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die

Go to the Zhangjiajie National Forest in China. Also stay in an igloo and see the Aurora Borealis. and a ton of other stuff.

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